I have a lot of titles...

If I am being honest, the "Mom" one is my favorite! But I am also a nurse and nurse practitioner. I only mention that because that is my education and experience. But honestly, I am here because of all my personal health struggles. So let's start with a story...

It all started with a belly ache...

Well actually, years of stomach pain, nausea, bloating, constipation or diarrhea (sorry if TMI), fatigue, mood changes, body aches… and being told it’s just irritable bowel syndrome, or just anxiety, or just stress.


But then everything changed...


In 2016, I became severely sick and after losing 14lbs in 14 weeks, dealing with debilitating nausea and stomach pain, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease (an autoimmune condition which means I cannot consume gluten). But that’s just part of the story. Getting diagnosed with Celiac was just the catalyst to learning more about gut health and how to better care for myself.

I am still learning. I try each day to learn something new, challenge myself to make the “better” choices, try new foods, try new patterns, to ultimately improve my body from head to toe. Reflecting back, this has been a DECADE PLUS journey to gaining my power back over my symptoms!

 Now I want to share this journey with you...

I have always, always had a passion for health education. It's why I became a nurse! Here and on my podcast, I plan to share so much of my story and what I’ve learned about my daily choices which are changing the trajectory for my health and the health of my family.

DISCLAIMER: I am a nurse practitioner and I am proud of my education, but I am not here to provide you individual medical advice or individual health advice or professional therapy. All of this information is meant to be educational and provide support in your individual decision making. Always consult your trusted healthcare provider for questions about health concerns or questions.

See also: Medical Disclaimer

Fun & random facts about me!

I love watermelon!

It was fitting for some of my website photos!

I consider myself...

a breakfast sandwich connoisseur.

My TV show of choice is...

Guy's Grocery Games and I aim to be on the show someday!

I love math!

I was a mathlete in High School. No shame.

I love water.

Snow and the ocean are both calming for me.



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